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Wholesale and retail company engaged in the sale of high quality textile raw materials from the best world manufacturers.

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Kingberg trading Limited an international company, we are in the market from last 20+ years & are engaged in providing customer based turnkey solutions in production, distribution and transportation of goods. We provide our services for Asia, Europe, Russia & CIS countries.
We are in wholesale and retail business of textile goods, raw material, electronics goods & accessories, Construction Machinery & parts, Medical equipment’s and Logistics.
Kingberg trading Ltd offers a wide range of quality materials from the world's best manufacturers. Direct deliveries from leading manufacturers have allowed our company to present raw materials and finished goods to the market at optimal prices and high quality.
We invite you to become our partner. We hope that our cooperation will be fruitful and mutually beneficial.

Advantages of working with us

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Wide variety

We work with the best manufacturers of raw materials around the world, which positively affects the range of our products.

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Low prices

We supply raw materials directly, without intermediaries, which avoids over payments and unnecessary cost increase.

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Fast delivery

We use the most advanced logistics methods to reduce the delivery time of our products and increase our customer satisfaction.

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Quality assurance

We cooperate with leading world manufacturers and guarantee high quality of products.

Our products


Textiles and fabrics made from flexible, soft fibers, which are usually made from yarn on a loom.

Textile fabrics are made by weaving two mutually perpendicular systems of threads. Cross weft threads pass above and below the warp threads. When designing fabrics, you can change the pattern of weaving, creating new effects and different patterns of the finished fabric.

The quality of the fabric is characterized by the grade, thickness and quality of yarn, the density of the fabric, i.e. the number of weft and warp threads per square centimeter, and the type of finish.

Knitwear fabrics are obtained by knitting – the formation of loops from yarn and their mutual interweaving. Due to the loop structure, such textile products are usually softer and more flexible than woven ones and do not form folds. The air gaps formed by the loops increase the thermal insulation and give the knitted fabric the ability to absorb moisture.

Knitwear is particularly suitable for the manufacture of hosiery, underwear and other types of clothing that do not restrict movement and at the same time tighten the body.

knit wear
Knitwear fabric
felt fabrics
Felt and felt products

Felt and felt products are obtained as a result of compaction of the fibers of the source material, rather than yarn.

The starting fibrous material is heated, moistened, pressed and (in the case of men’s hats and other hard products) partially saturated with shellac.

The amount of shellac added depends on the required hardness of the product.  The most suitable fibrous materials for felt and felt products are short-staple wool tows and fibers of rabbit fur, beaver and other similar animals.

Felt and felt products can also be made from camel, cow, goat wool, waste from textile factories and various types of low-grade wool.

Non-woven textile products are a layer of textile fibrous material (canvas), bound together by narrow strips of adhesive material.

Bonding is ensured either by surface activation with chemicals, or by heating if thermoplastic fibers are used.

The amount of bonding material is small compared to the amount of fiber Non-woven materials differ from felt-felt in the type of fibrous materials used and in the way they are bonded.

Non-woven materials are made predominantly of chemical fiber that is not susceptible to coiling.

non woven fabric
Non woven fabric
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Hong Kong: Suite 1001, Albion Plaza, 2 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


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